Who is the best problem solver ?


The best problem solver :-

Hello everyone..

How are you all doing?

I hope you are doing good and living your lives with full of joy and harmony.

The title ” The best problem solver ” .

I know you will have many questions after reading this title like –

why did I choose to write on this topic ?

What makes me write about it?

Why  am I writing it?

What will I get from it?


Before writing this, I was reading a self help book named ” The power of Sub-conscious mind ” then I thought to share something with you all . So,  I did it..

As we all know that

Everyone in their  lives wants  to meet  someone who is expert in something and they take suggestions from them. So that we can get some idea and get rid of the problems that we are facing .  But let me tell you that there is no need to visit any other people for suggestions or advice.

You can get it anytime,  anywhere without visiting anyone..

Does  it sound weird?

It may sound so but it is right..   We can…

So,  are you excited to know about it ?

Let’s continue…

In our day-to-day life,  we often meet many people,  we often talk with many people,we often get confuse and talk with our friends and elders,   we often try to make good bond with many people and from them we choose someone who understands us from deep. Who listen us carefully and suggest us to do something .

Sometime,  we get stuck somewhere, we get confuse, we get stressed and we try to find someone who will understand us..

Other times,   We just want that there should be someone with whom, we can share each and every thing and that person should just listen not responding at all.

 But has it happened with you all?

Have you found anyone with whom you can just share and that person will  just listen not  responding anything?

I know what you are thinking.  You are thinking that why do we need someone who will not respond to us, Who is not taking taking interest in our stuff ?

Why is it  to share anything with that person?

But I am not talking about that kind of person.  I am talking about the person who will understand us and take interest in listening to us and later on he will suggest us.. Now, here if that person will suggest us then,  I have a question to  all.

” if that person will share his or her thoughts then will that be our thoughts ,  will that be our opinion,  will we get satisfaction from that  ?”

Plesse mention your thought on this..

I think those thoughts will be of his or her understanding,  his or her  opinion,  his or her thoughts but somewhere  mixed with our influential power too ..

Then,  why don’t we ask from ourselves  ?

Why don’t we think from our side first ?Why don’t we take suggestions from our mind  first instead of asking from other ?

You know,  our mind knows each and every thing…  We just need to ask from it..

Our mind always wait for questions  and situations where it can work,  it can think, it can process like CPU and give results in the form of  our thoughts  like “monitor  screen ” ..so,  it always wait for commands..

 What all commands or thoughts we give,  it follows..  As it is the best problem solver within us.. It is very powerful..

Let me share with you my personal experience of it.

Once,  I was very confused.  I was not getting idea that what should I do.

It happens with most of us that we get confuse that what should we do?

Which path should we take ?

What clothes should we wear today?

Which stream should we  take after completing 10th in school time?

What kind of course should we do it?

What kind of job should we pursue?

And many more… And then we take suggestions from our elders and  our friends..  Sometimes, it gives positive result and sometimes the other way . It happens..

I was also doing the same.  I was also taking advice from my elders and friends . I also chose what was suggested by my elders but I was not enjoying it later .  One day ,  I was little anxious  about all these then I picked up  a self help book and started reading it.   I got to know the power of my Sub – Conscious mind.  Then, I thought to apply the learning of book .

Suddenly I asked from my best friend within me (“My Sub -Conscious mind” ) and it gave me satisfactory answer..

 I chose that way after a while , I got good result of it..

Let me share with you another example :-

  There was an Entrepreneur,  who was doing the things appropriately.

But at some point of time he was very confused in making some decisions.  He went to others to get solutions.  But somewhere he was not able to seek satisfying solutions  what he desired of.

One day while being stressed,   he went to swimming pool for relaxing himself . Instantly,  he got some ideas  from his best friend within him which helped him to get good results in his work and after that whenever he fells stressed, he starts  questioning from his best friend within him and he gets  positive results too. And now, he recommends other people to ask solutions  from within .

   There are researchers who have proved that Our mind is omniscient as God so,  let’s start asking from it.

   If you search about mind then you will get to know about many unique things about it.  One of them is ” Our mind has two parts, Consicious and Sub-consicious part ..

 There are many other names given by other great personality like – Acting and thinking part, subjective and objective part..  You can compare as – a friend who listen and do what we say and another friend to whom we ask for suggestions,  solutions…

So, in our mind only we have two friends . We can take help from it..

I am not saying that stop talking with other people or stop taking suggestions and solutions of your problems from other people…

  Take suggestions but at first think from your side..  Try to do research about it..  Try to find the solution from your side..

Try to ask from your friend within you…

Actually, what happens is that other people who gives solutions or suggestions also has to think, and research from their mind .

 So, why don’t not we initiate ut  from our our side ?

Try this once from yourself .. 

Absolutely,  it is our friendship within us.

As there is a quote also –

“Trust your self you know more than you think you do ” ..

Our friend within us knows each and every thing..  Ask once on my suggestion from your side..

If you want to know more about the power of our mind then I will recommend you to read or listen the audio on YouTube / E-Book  of the book named –

” The power of sub- conscious mind ” of Joseph Morphy, Ian McMahan ….

It will answer your all queries.

So,  who is our best problem solver ?

Did you find it?

Yes..  It is our friend within us….” Our Sub-consicious mind “…. ..

You can go  for your own answer mining  through the recommended book. After catching the insights, you will definitely go on  your quest to your problems within you all – knowing friend ..

Please share your thoughts on this article. Always stay healthy and blessed ..

Have a wonderful day!!!